Voodoo Magic

Welcome to Voodoo Magic

Hello everyone!
and welcome to Voodoo Magic.

The clan has existed since its original inception in an MMORPG known as RuneScape. That was in 2007, and since then we have accomplished a great deal. Populous Reincarnated is simply another game, in a long list, that we would like to bring our family atmosphere and friendly leadership to.

We welcome everyone of all ages, backgrounds, and skill level. However, we do require that you have an attitude appropriate for our close-nit guild. Our goal is to have fun, and we believe that winning is important to obtain this goal. That being said, the proper attitude is far more important to have an enjoyable experience than a cheap win.

VdM is a place where people can finally have a friendly group to escape to from the abrasive and highly competitive Populous Reincarnated community. We are courteous to everyone, and ignore those who stand against us.

Voodoo Magic has earned its respect elsewhere, now it’s time to prove our selves to PopRe!

Thank you.